Conveyancing & Property Law

Conveyancing and Property Law covers a wide field. We can assist clients wishing to acquire or dispose, mortgage, or develop a wide range of property whether it is personal or business. We can act for either the Purchaser, Seller, Agent or Developer. We can assist you with:


– All forms of conveyancing


– Drafting of agreements


– Mortgage


– Developments


– Sale or Purchase of fixed property


– Sale or Purchase of a business or shares/membership in a business


We aim to assist in a smooth divorce process. The longer the divorce process takes results in more stress and anxiety with a negative impact to the family’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

There are 3 types of divorce in South Africa, namely:

-Uncontested divorce

Parties coming to mutually acceptable agreement in respect of all issues between them – fastest and most cost-saving option

-Mediated divorce

An independent mediator is appointed by both parties to assist in resolving issues between the parties – take longer and cost more

-Contested divorce 

Spouses cannot agree to the terms and conditions of their divorce – can drag on for years and very expensive

Our Team

Our team of experts include:


– 4 Attorneys / 3 Conveyancers


– Senior conveyancing secretaries


– Junior conveyancing secretaries


– PRO’s/marketing consultants


– Accountant


– Deeds office clerks


– Clearance agent


– Support staff

Payment fraud warning – please read below

Our Core Values

As specialist property attorneys, Gerhard Barnard Inc

takes pride in providing a professional, prompt and

personal service. We understand and appreciate the

need for speedy registration of transactions and we are

committed to regular and effective communication.

This ultimately promotes sound and enduring

relationships between us and our clients. We aim to

be seen as leaders in the conveyancing field, as


we see things differently.


What our clients say…

“ The manner in which you conducted this transaction made an impression on me and I would surely refer all my associates to your company..”


” Ek moet jou komplimenteer met julle profesionele en flinke diens, dit is sekerlik die beste ervaring wat ek nog gehad het met soortgelyke transaksies.”


“ I am beyond impressed with how your firm has it’s finger on the pulse of transactions. Well done and thank you to everyone making this possible.”



IMPORTANT WARNING: Criminal syndicates may attempt to induce you to make payments due to Gerhard Barnard Inc into bank accounts which do not belong to the firm and are controlled by criminals. These frauds are typically perpetrated using eMails or letters that appear materially identical to letters or eMails that may be sent to you by Gerhard Barnard Inc. Please take proper care in checking that these eMails do emanate from Gerhard Barnard Inc.


Before making any payment to Gerhard Barnard Inc please ensure that you verify that the account into which payment will be made is a legitimate bank account of Gerhard Barnard Inc.


If you are not certain of the correctness of the bank account you may contact Gerhard Barnard Inc and request to speak to the person attending to your matter. They will assist you in confirming the correct bank details.


Gerhard Barnard Inc will not advise of any change in bank details by way of an eMail or other electronic communication. If you should receive any communication of this nature please report it to the person attending to your matter.